Delivery man foils robbery, gets shot


The suspects were trying to rob a /*Kangaroo*/ convenience store on Camden road.

Authorities say the delivery man was sitting in his truck when he noticed two men trying to rob the store and took action.

"He saw what was going on," Chief John Hodges, Hope Mills Police Department, said. "He went in behind the guy, [there was] a scuffle to try the stop the attempted robbery. John David Kutzer got shot in the lower chest."

Investigators from the /*Hope Mills Police Department*/ say the bullet went clean through Kutzer's body, missing all his vital organs. The 37-year-old /*Rocky Mount*/ man is a truck driver for McLaen Company, a distribution center for Pantry stores.

Police say at least three shots were fired in the store and the suspects away. Authorities do not have much to go on.

"We have talked to the victim," Chief Hodges said. "All he's been able to tell us so far is two black male subjects. We did retrieve a weapon at the scene and spent cartridges."

The Chief says there is some video of the robbery in progress, but he's not ready to release it.

At this point, he's not sure if the pictures are good enough to help identify the suspects.

Anyone with information should call the Hope Mills Police Department.

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