Teen pleads guilty to vandalism spree


That is the result of a plea bargain hammered out Thursday in a /*Wake County*/ courtroom for one of the /*Broughton High School*/ student vandals.

None of the victims expected the /*vandal*/ to go to jail --and he didn't, but they did expect a more sincere apology.

Logan Aronson's attorney says the 17-year-old feels bad about an all-night vandalism spree that left him facing more than forty criminal charges.

"I'm so sorry for what happened that night and I hope someday you can forgive me," Aronson said.

For Tim Andrews and Joette Woodall, whose /*Brookhaven*/ homes were badly damaged by rocks heaved through their windows, the words rang hollow.

"The apology, I think, was just; I didn't feel like it was heartfelt. I think it was just an act," Woodall said.

"I just think it was an act he had to perform," Edwards added.

Aronson agreed to plead guilty to seven charges. Dozens of others were dropped.

But he and his co-defendant, 17-year-old Clifford Anderson, will have to repay at least $31,000 in damage done to homes and cars. Anderson's case has yet to be heard.

Aronson also agreed to 18 months of probation, a curfew, community service, substance abuse treatment and monitoring, court costs and fines.

Despite the plea bargain, he got something he did not bargain for after an exchange with Wake District Court Judge Jennifer Knox.

Knox: "Were you drinking that night?"

Aronson: "Yes, M' am."

Knox: "Who was driving the car?"

Aronson: "I was."

Admitting to drinking and driving, apparently spurred Knox to ask Aronson to hand over his driver's license and to add one other condition to his probation.

"You're not to drive any vehicle anywhere, for one year," Knox said.

The judge cut up his license and threw it in a garbage can.

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