Woman runs over ex-girlfriend's lover


That is what Victoria Goode's attorney told a Wake County jury Monday afternoon.

However, Goode says when she went into a rage and ran over Veronica Malone with her car, it was not premeditated murder.

Goode's attorney says she admits to running over Malone with her Toyota Camry.

"I saw the Camry coming down the road and then I heard, boom, boom," Malone's nephew, Darrian Malone said.

He was helping Malone move her new girlfriend's things from Goode's Raleigh house.

He says that is when Goode slammed into the door of his aunt's car, pinning her, breaking both her legs and leaving her lying helpless in the street.

"She had her hands held up like this and they were shaking," Darrian said.

He says he held her outstretched hands and told his aunt that everything would be okay, that he had called for help.

"She started running up the street, Victoria, with a hammer or a wrench, something shiny. She was screaming, 'I'm gonna kill that b----,'" Darrian said.

He says Goode's ex-girlfriend stopped her from attacking Malone.

But he says Goode got back in her car and came roaring at Malone again. This time Darrian was also hit and both his legs were broken.

Malone was dragged down the street after the impact.

"People were panicking. Somebody was like, 'Oh my god, I think she's dead. She has a hole in her leg. People were just talking. And then I was asking the man across the street, I was like, 'Can you please come get me. I don't want her to come back. Will you please come get me? Help me. Pull me out of the street," Darrian said.

Goode's attorney says she will testify that after a life of prostitution, alcohol and drug addiction and prison, Goode met Tanya Mattison and settled into a loving relationship.

He says when she saw Malone helping Mattison move out of Goode's house, Goode snapped. He says that is second, not first degree murder.

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