Police release picture of missing man's cab


Willie Simon, 61, has been missing since early Friday morning. He told his boss he had a fare to Raleigh.

Late Tuesday sheriff's investigators released a picture of Simon's cab. The red Ford Crown Victoria was found abandoned near Spring Lake late Friday afternoon.

"We believe that Mr. Simon was doing some freelance work over along Bragg Blvd., where there are nightclubs there, and that he may have ran into some danger along that area taking a fare from Ft. Bragg to another destination," Debbie Tanna, Cumberland Co. Sheriff's Office, said. "We do believe that what happened to him did not happen where his car was found."

Tanna says homicide investigators are going through Simon's cell phone records.

Investigators have obtained bank records belonging to Simon in hopes of learning more about the activities that happened on the day he was last heard from.

Detectives say they know he was alive between the hours of 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on Friday, March 21.

Anyone who has information should contact the /*Cumberland County Sheriff's Office*/.

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