Cat stuck in tree for days


After calling the fire department and animal control, these north Raleigh residents called /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/ for some help with this one unlucky cat.

The furry feline has been perched high above creating quite a fuss in the North Raleigh neighborhood of Dominion Park, which is right off Leesville Road. The black fur ball somehow climbed all the way up this tree last Thursday.

Ashley and Allison Priest tell Troubleshooter Diane Wilson,"We were like how did that happen, we got the binoculars out." The two sisters have been on /*cat*/ watch since day one. Allison adds, "We're worried it might die if it doesn't have any food or water."

Residents, along with Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, talked with animal control and the fire department. While they both said they would love to help, they just can't as it's not something they get involved in.

Once day six hit, Allison was worried and said, "Someone needs to help it." And that's where Roy Reter stepped in.

He tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I was determined to get that cat down." For days he thought the cat would come down on its own, but after six days and no luck, Roy took matters into his own hands. He adds, "We got up early this morning looked and it moved down about 5 to 6 feet."

Roy's 6 year old son, Joe even helped. Joe tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I just said meow and gave him some food." And that was enough to convince the cat to finally come down. It's welcome news to those who kept watch. When Ashley saw the cat for the first time down from the tree she jumped up and down and said, "Yeah, the cat is down."

The black cat with bright green eyes is safe and sound, but now Roy says they need to find the owner of her. He says if they don't, they will keep the cat, but says he would like to find the owners of the cat that sat up in his tree for six days.

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