Uncle leaves nephew in car, goes to work


Police say the child's uncle left him unattended when he wasn't allowed to take his nephew to work.

Thursday afternoon as temperatures approached 80 degrees, Durham Police were called to the parking lot of Cardinal State Bank to rescue a 9-year-old boy left in a car.

"As I was getting off the bus, I saw a lot of commotion," eyewitness Ronnie Perry said. "A lot of police officers around. I was kind of wondering what was going on. they was acting like they were real tied up into something."

According to police, the child's uncle was denied permission to bring his nephew to work, so he left him in the car.

"Anything could have basically happened," Perry said. "The child could have suffocated. Somebody could have come along and kidnapped the child. Anything could have happened to the child."

The car windows were partially rolled down and police say the child's uncle brought him water. No charges were filed against the man.

Police turned the case over to social services, but there's concern the police aren't taking a tougher stand.

"That's real child endangerment," Perry said. "Police should have been involved to start with. I understand its going over to DSS. They can probably take up the matter but still there should have been criminal charges filed against him for doing something like that."

The child was not hurt.

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