MADD fundraiser walk raises money, awareness


They raised more than $80,000 for the /*Mothers Against Drunk Driving*/ campaign.

The event was more than a fundraising /*walk*/ for Keith and Cindy Wiggins.

"It hurts everyday especially a day like today," Wiggins said.

Wiggins' son was killed by a drunk driver.

Saturday morning's /*Walk Like Madd in Support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving*/ is difficult for the Wiggins because they lost their son, Dan, and his fiancé, Chrissy McGinty, in November 2005.

"A drunk driver hit them a mile down the road," Keith Wiggins said. "Fifteen years ago, the same man hit another man and killed him so this wasn't his first time."

While the driver serves a 20-year minimum sentence, the Wiggins hop by walking, they can help stop another family from going through the same experience.

"It's a hard life without a child," Cindy said.

Saturday's walkers worked to raise money for programs MADD sports to help eliminate drunken driving.

It's a big problem in N.C. The state ranks 7th in the country for alcohol-related deaths with an average of 80,000 DUI arrests each year.

"It went down last year," Craig Lloyd, N.C. executive director MADD, said. "We were 6th in the country so were continuing to do what we can to try save lives."

/*N.C. Senator Elizabeth Dole*/ said, "I'm happy to sign the pledge that we are going to eliminate drinking and driving."

Senator Dole served as the honorary chair of the walk that raised more than $80,000. The money will support MADD campaigns like pushing legislation for mandatory alcohol ignition interlock systems for first time offenders in the state.

Stopping those offenders is the reason families like the Wiggins walk.

"There's a lot of hurting people out here today, there is," Cindy said.

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