Mother punishes disobedient daughter publicly


She decided to come up with some creative punishment, and it's turning a few heads.

Destiny Chandler, 11, is humiliated as she stands by the side of the road with a sing. It reads, "Life is choice drive. My choice got me suspended."

"I think it's desperate time and desperate times take desperate measures," Teresa Chandler, Destiny's mother, said.

Teresa created the public punishment after her daughter was suspended from school, again -- this time for talking back.

"We've spoken to her," Teresa said. "We've given her the pros and cons of her actions. We've even gone up to the school. We talked to the teachers, talked to the principal."

Teresa went on to explain, "We've done everything possible that we could to get her to change her mind, but because really there's no consequences there, she was able to sit at home all day, watch TV."

Destiny does get to take a break every hour, but on the last day of her punishment --she had to stand outside rain or shine.

Mom keeps an eye on her from her office. During she makes Destiny read.

"I still believe that even though their choices are bad right now because of everything that they have to deal with, that it's still our responsibility to instill in them that they can learn, that there are consequences for her choices," Teresa said.

Destiny doesn't want the publicity because at that age many wonder what their friends think.

"I'm looking at the big picture down the road, and I know that one day she'll turn around and thank me for this," Teresa said.

Teresa says she's gotten one complaint about her method of punishment, but 90 percent of the response has been positive.

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