Internet may reveal motive in workplace shooting


The shooting left 22-year-old /*Amy Calamaco*/ dead. /*Jerold Lee*/ then turned the gun on himself.

Now investigators want to know if an /*Internet*/ relationship led to gunfire.

Wednesday it was business as usual at Phelps Temp Agency. You would never know two people died there Tuesday.

Eyewitness Maurice Hock has no trouble remembering.

"I just heard shots," Hock said. "[I] Thought it was somebody hunting or just shooting, and then when the girl come up screaming and hollering she'd been shot."

He saw Heather Miller running out of the building. She served. But 22-year-old Amy Calamaco didn't. Investigators say she was the intended victim of 26-year-old Lee.

Lee is from Arkansas and investigators are checking into the possibility of an Internet relationship.

Police seized Calamaco's work computer. Investigators in Arkansas have also taken Lee's computer and are shipping it to Louisburg.

"We believe there is a connection between Mr. Lee and Ms. Calamaco., but as far as the details of the connection, we're still working into that," Chief Rick Lassiter, /*Louisburg Police Department*/, said.

Police believe the computers hold the key to the motive behind Tuesday's shooting. Wednesday police revealed Lee's name and phone number was stored on Calamaco's cell phone.

Police expect to learn more about the murder-suicide when both computers are analyzed.

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