Volunteer finds $600 during river clean up


The 6th Annual Neuse River Spring Clean Up covered 80 river miles, making it the largest single river clean up in the state.

Melinda Hunnicutt, a first-time volunteer, made a surprising discovery when she picked up a beer bottle that contained $600!

About 1200 volunteers have picked up more than 85,000 pounds of trash over the last five years.

The event is a community effort and involves youth groups, church groups, civic organizations, college students and river enthisiasts.

Wake County and Johnston County waved landfill fees and the cities of Raleigh, Smithfield provided garbage trucks and staff to remove trash.

Clean up totals

  • Weight in pounds: 9260
  • Number of Bags: 378
  • Number of Tires: 44
  • Number of Volunteers: 269

Unusual items: 1 Beer Bottle with $600, Car Bumper, Recliner, Fire Extinguisher, 5 quarts of used motor oil, Baby Car Seat, 100 Base balls, Skull, Scaffolding, Bed spring, Cell phone, XXL Bra, Corrugated Drain Pipe, Toy Wagon, Break Drums, Fan, Plastic Sled

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