Family speaks about sons' deaths


The seven and nine-year-old brothers were so excited to get to the library, that they darted out in front of traffic on Falls of the Neuse Road and were hit by an oncoming car.

Their mother, who was with them, still cannot believe it happened.

"In one second, just it happened," Wafa Tamimi said. "At first Kaled, I saw him threw to the air then he fell to the ground, then I saw Basil follow."

One week later, Tamimi seems emotionally paralyzed, stuck in the day she witnessed the deaths of her son Basil and Kaled.

"Is this really happening to my lovely, so lovely sons I can't believe that," Tamimi said.

She says the two loved to learn and begged to go to the library.

"Mama, you are slow, please quickly we want to read," Tamimi said.

Racing from Spring Forest Road across Falls of the Neuse –they were struck by an oncoming SUV. The accident happened around 5 p.m., a busy time on Falls of Neuse Road.

"We want to say to the lady who hit the kids that we are not mad at her. We know she might did her best, but it's God's will and we pray for her," Kaled and Basil's father, Ahmad Shahin said.

"This is God's will and we should accept that," Tamimi added.

They say they feel their sons are in a better place and at least one will live on.

"He had a big heart and because he has a big heart I was feeling sad and I didn't want that heart to die," Shahin said. "So we have donated all of his organs to the other needy children. I will be happy one day to see another child get a chance at life because of Basil's heart."

The family will be gathering at Falls of the Neuse Road Saturday with others, expressing concerns about the dangerous intersection. Some feel too many people speed along the road that also has a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Police say the driver whose SUV hit the boys was not at fault in the accident.

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