Family concerned about Raleigh crosswalk


Nine-year-old /*Kaled*/ and 7-year-old /*Basil Shahin*/ died earlier this month after darting out in front of an oncoming SUV on /*Falls of Neuse Road*/ in Raleigh.

Police say the driver had a green light and was not at fault.

However, their family and others in the community say more needs to be done to help pedestrians cross the street safely.

On Saturday, the Shahin family made their way through the cross walk on Falls of Neuse Road where their boys were killed, to prove a point.

"They weren't halfway across the street before it started blinking red and they didn't have time to make it all the way across before the solid red stop hand was lit. It just doesn't seem that there's ample time at this intersection to make it all the way across," said Matt Tanner, a concerned resident.

Friends, neighbors and strangers expressing sympathy for the Shahin family, watched people cross the street back and forth, all seeing the same thing.

"There's a lot of people today who've never been out of their cars to actually cross this intersection and I'm glad they came out because they realize now how treacherous it can be," Neighbor , Nancy Connolly said.

Residents say the crosswalk light is white to walk for about 7 seconds, as they approach the halfway point it starts to blink.

That is why they are calling on the city to check the timing of the lights, to consider adding an island in the median. They are also calling on the public to be more aware.

Eyewitness News spoke with Raleigh Mayor /*Charles Meeker*/ about the accident. He calls the accident a tragedy and says he will ask city workers to review the intersection and the timing of lights.

Anyone interested in making a donation to the "Shahin Family Memorial Trust Fund" can at any Wachovia Bank branch.

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