UNC holds concert to honor Eve Carson


Her friends say /*Eve Carson*/ always hoped to start an annual student concert tradition at /*UNC*/.

"One of the things Eve always talked about was having this really great concert where people could dance, have a good time," said Ron Bilbao, a former executive assistant to Eve.

On Sunday, her fellow classmates made that happen. A handful of bands played in her memory, in the Great Hall of the Student Union, in /*Chapel Hill*/.

"It's really something that embodies what Eve would have liked to have seen. She had a couple of points in her platform, of getting a music fest and getting all the bands together," New Student Body President, J.J. Raynor said.

"It's definitely brought us together. That's one thing we can't put our finger on this campus. We've all come together. We're all unified," Bilbao said.

"You don't realize how strong your friends are until they all come together through something like this. And I think that's what this says about Carolina. People do come together," Raynor added.

The four hour concert and food were free.

Organizers took donations for the Eve Carson Memorial Fund.

It is not yet decided if the memorial fund will endow scholarships or build some kind of memorial.

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