City leaders call for crosswalk review


Tuesday, the Shahin brothers were remembered by city leaders, who want the intersection where they were hit, checked for safety.

"Could we have just a brief moment of silence for those two boys who were killed," /*Raleigh*/ Mayor Charles Meeker said.

Raleigh leaders paused to remember the young brothers, /*Kaled and Basil Shahin*/, who were hit by an SUV at the /*Falls of the Neuse*/ intersection and killed.

Eyewitness News timed the traffic signal here and found the icon to walk is up for just seven seconds before the red, warning, don't walk hand begins flashing.

Kaled and Basil were crossing against the light, but after the tragedy, the city wants to ensure all is in good working order.

"If we could get a staff report into what police believe happened there and whether there should be any adjustment to the timing of the lights at the intersection I think that would be helpful just to see if we can learn anything from that tragic event," Meeker said.

It is unclear exactly how long the review will take. City workers did take a look at the intersection right after the tragedy and they believe that area is indeed safe.

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