Water conservation council unveils logo


Mayor Charles Meeker and members of the City's /*Water Conservation Council*/ introduced the logo Thursday.

"The City Council recognizes the importance of water conservation, and our community must take a pro active approach going forward," Mayor Meeker said. "Even though we have enjoyed much needed rain, issues concerning our water supply are more long term than that. Moving forward, we recognize that water conservation efforts will be a key component to our future water plans."

The logo is the first phase of an educational program created by the Water Conservation Council.

The /*Raleigh City Council*/ formed the Water Conservation Council to promote public education on the importance of conserving /*water*/ and to thoroughly examine and recommend conservation measures to the City Council. A group of citizens and experts is also being formed to review permanent water conservation measures.

In the coming months, the Water Conservation Council will add a Web site. The Web site also will serve as a public forum for sharing best practices and ideas regarding water conservation.

"I am very proud of the public-private partnership that has resulted from this which demonstrates the best efforts of the community to come together to serve our needs," Mayor /*Meeker*/ said of the Water Conservation Council. "I would like to thank the Raleigh business and community leaders that have come together to donate their time and resources to fund this effort. Many of those people are in this room, and I applaud your contribution."

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