County allows man to keep dogs


Cumberland County Manager James Martin says the county worked out a compromise agreement with Henry Carroll during a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm going to keep my word, I'm going to keep his dogs plus I get the benefit of keeping mine," Caroll said.

The agreement allows Carroll to keep his three dogs and his son's two dogs. Carroll had orginally been ordered to get rid of two of his dogs within 60 days.

The problem arose after some neighbors complained about the dogs barking. County inspectors told Carroll he is violating a zoning ordinance prohibiting more than three dogs on private property.

Carroll had been fighting the zoning ordinance and appealed to the county adjustment board. His appeal is still pending.

County Manager Martin says the county is also looking at amending the zoning ordinance to increase the three dog limit to include temporary care of pets while the owner is deployed, on vacation or incapacitated.

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