Millbrook HS holds bone marrow drive

RALEIGH Childhood cancer is something that's affected many at Millbrook High School in Raleigh. No one knows that more than, Jessica Buddenbaum. "My sister Nicole was diagnosed when she was 5 years old and she's been living at the hospital for 6 months and they decided if she was going to live she needed a bone marrow transplant," the high school sophomore explained.

Jessica was a match for her little sister. She donated her bone marrow and saved her sister's life. "She's not sick anymore she's just healthy," Jessica said.

Knowing other lives can be save with the right donor, Jessica has helped put together a blood donor typing drive at her school. This is the second year for the drive that's also in memory of a student who died from Leukemia last year.

The first step is painless. A cheek swab from potential donors is all that's needed for a nationwide database. Bethanie Carlson, a teacher a Millbrook High School explains, "If we can find one person who is willing to do that then that's one more chance that someone with Leukemia has for having a donor and finding a match and for saving their life."

Saving a life is the lesson Jessica Buddenbaum hopes to teach through the donor drive at her high school. "It feels really good to know I saved her because without me she wouldn't be here today."

You have to be 18 years old to register to be a blood and bone marrow donor. The free drive starts Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon at Millbrook High.

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