Woman angry about daughter's attack at school


"I want her job," mother Patricia Jones said. "I think it's fair."

Jones is extremely upset. She says a teacher at Elizabeth Cashwell Elementary School was on the cell phone in the school's playground while her daughter was being beaten down by a group of girls.

"It started over by the monkey bars and then it was taken over to the softball field because she was running away from these kids," Jones said.

Savannah Packer explained how the girls chased and beat her.

"These four girls had came up behind me, chasing me, so I started running," And they grabbed me and they started beating me with sticks and kicked me in my chest for times."

Jones said the attack left her 11-year-old daughter with several cuts and bruises on her back and chest.

What upset the mother most is the teacher on a cell phone who did nothing to stop the attack.

"When my nephew and another student went over to get her attention, to get her to help my daughter, she was talking on the cell phone and told them to go back and play or she was going to take them all inside," Jones said.

The incident began at what the child describes as monkey bars and spilled over the softball area. On that day50 children and two teachers were on the playground. One of the teachers was on a cell phone and the principal said they shouldn't have happened.

"If you have a cell phone on your body, on your persons on the school playground, it should be in your pocket, in your jacket," Principal Cathy Tearry said. "It should be off."

Tearry said the teacher of the cell phone could face disciplinary action.

Meacnwhile, the four students who attacked Jones' daughter have been charged with simple assault.

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