Hansbrough, Frasor jump from frat house


Someone snapped a photo as UNC Point Guard, Bobby Frasor leaped from a balcony into an above-ground swimming pool.

Frasor sat on the bench all season with a knee injury and is expected to be the heels starting point guard next season.

Another photo shows his teammate, hoop star Tyler Hansbrough doing the exact same thing.

The photos have been the talk of the cyber world all day Thursday, with bloggers battling over what to make of them.

Some wrote about how tempted they too would be to jump in.

Others criticized Frasor for chancing it during rehab and Hansbrough for risking an injury, considering his multi-million dollar future.

And some even wondered if Coach Roy Williams gave them a good talking to.

UNC fan, Tammy Schneider says she thinks the university or the sports department would have an issue with the incident.

"I think they should. And I would be very surprised if they didn't," she said.

When Eyewitness News asked UNC's Sports Information Director, Steve Kirshner, about the pictures, he said they are just college students having fun.

"I question the news value of those photos. That is my comment," he said. "When you get a good story, let me know."

He told local radio station, 'A.M 850 The Buzz' the same thing.

"They know deep down inside that the reality of it is people are interested in UNC basketball to a very high degree," said Dave Glenn, host of The Buzz.

Dave Glenn hosts a college sports show in the afternoon. He says even if UNC will not talk about the pictures; don't expect them to go away, anytime soon.

"These players know they are living in a time when anything they do can and will end up in the public forum, and people are interested in these things and when people are interested in these things, the media is going to pay a little bit of attention to it," Glenn said.

To view the photos visit A.M 850 The Buzz's blog.
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