Still no city manager for Durham


It could be the reason why after several closed door sessions, Durham still hasn't offered the job to any of its three candidates.

"We're not rushed, and we have that luxury," /*Durham Mayor Bill Bell*/ said.

With a /*city manager*/ still in office, city leaders are taking a cautious look at the final candidates to replace him.

It was two weeks ago when the three finalists fielded questions from the public.

"When I look at benchmark communities, I always see Durham ranked number one here, number six there, top ten in this category," one candidate said.

George Kolb, Randy Oliver and Pat Salerno want the city's top job. All of them left their previous manager posts amid conflict.

Some Durham residents have expressed concern.

"Anytime you have a process such as we have, we made it open to the public so people have been afforded the opportunity to makes comments," Mayor Bell said. "But again, we're trying to do what we think is the right thing."

Thursday the council held two closed door session and did not reach a final decision.

One council member descried the delay as a difference of opinion over what to do next.

"It doesn't mean we're not together in what we're looking for, it's just a matter of how we get there," Mayor Bell said.

The City had hoped to have a new manager in place by the end of June, but for now, it's looking like the Bull City will have to wait a little longer.

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