Students outraged over comm. college decision


At /*Wake Technical Community College*/, students weren't aware of the new guidelines involving undocumented students.

"I don't think its fair," student Patrick Chen said. "Everyone deserves a right to education."

Student Daniel McCauley disagrees. "I think that if you are illegal, you shouldn't be allowed to go to school because it takes away from the people that are here that are us citizens."

In Raleigh, at El Pueblo, an advocacy group for Hispanics, community leaders are outraged.

"No, there is nothing at all from the federal government saying that a school cannot permit a student paying out of state tuition go to school," one leader said.

The state attorney general disagrees a passed down new guidelines to the state's 58 community colleges. The new rule went into effect Tuesday.

That means students graduating from high school, who are illegally in the U.S., will not be admitted.

Undocumented students can attend any of the 16 public universities. The problem is most can't afford the out of state tuition and they are not eligible for state or federal financial aid.

So, why don't undocumented students apply for citizenship? Some say its a lengthy and expensive process.

Through petitions and protest, community leaders are hoping the decision is reversed.

The policy has changed four times. If you are an undocumented student and have received your letter before the new rule, you will be allowed to go to school.

The summer session starts in a few weeks.

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