Residents report numerous bear sightings


The mother bear, sometimes without her cub and sometimes with, has been spotted in Northwest /*Raleigh*/ and /*Wake County*/ and across the line into Eastern /*Durham County*/.

Many of the sightings were made in the /*Brier Creek*/ area of Raleigh.

Sunday, a couple was walking their dog through /*Brier Creek Memorial Gardens Cemetery*/, when a Sheriff's deputy showed up, they said "you must be here for the bear."

The couple told the deputy they were amazed at how fast the bear ran.

Durham Sheriff's Lieutenant Rickey Padgett says the couple watched the bear cross the cemetery. It was along the wood line that it disappeared.

Just minutes later the bear was spotted at the Wal-mart on Brier Creek Parkway. It ran behind the store, out of the woods that adjoin the cemetery.

David Deverter and his family were at the table eating when they spotted the bear Sunday.

"He came traipsing through, on up and then over and across the street," Deverter said.

He says he grabbed a digital camera sitting nearby, ran out onto the porch and snapped pictures.

The bear, believed to be a small sow, lumbered on a neighbor's driveway, through the backyard.

The bear sighting in Harrington Grove sparked a lot of curiosity, but not much concern.

"Hopefully it's found a nice spot to stay," Deverter said.

Wildlife experts agree that the bear and its sometimes seen cub were probably just migrating and foraging.

While the bear is not expected back, wildlife officers caution against approaching any bear, especially one with a cub.

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