Deputies testify in Paddock trial

SMITHFIELD Wednesday, Johnston County Sheriff's deputies took the stand and gave first had accounts about 47-year-old Lynn Paddock and other children and what they were told happened the morning Sean's body was found.

Johnston County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Reliford was one of the first on the stand, "She showed no emotion and crossed her arms trying to put a barrier." That's how Reliford described what he saw when he arrived at the Paddock home February 2006.

Reliford says husband, Johnny Paddock did show some emotion. As the events of the day unfolded, Reliford said both Lynn and Johnny Paddock said they wanted to see their son and go home. The Sheriff's deputy also testified Sean body had bruises on his body.

Lt. Bryan Murphy and Deputy Terry Baker went to the Paddock home where they found the other children inside. After placing some of the children in a patrol car, Deputy Baker testified they had an unusual body odor.

In court Lynn Paddock calmly took notes. Her demeanor was mild. Detective Chris Otto testified her mild demeanor in the hospital made him suspicious. "As she stood up and started walking toward the telephone that was in the room and at that time she said, 'Do I need to call a lawyer?'" Otto said.

Sean Paddock suffocated after being wrapped too tightly in blankets. Lynn Paddock faces first degree murder charges and abuse charges.

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