Laptop repair


Dai Nguyen tells Troubleshooter, "By the second time, I was just fed up." Fed up because the /*laptop*/ Dai uses for her school work has been getting repaired since February.

She adds, "I'd be working on the lap top and it would just freeze up." Dai's computer was covered under her 4-year warranty with /*Circuit City*/ so she took it in for repair.

When she got it back she says, "I opened the lap top back up and first thing I noticed is that it froze back up again and I was like wait a minute I brought it to the store because it was frozen."

Her laptop went back to Circuit City for repair two other times; both times Dai said it still wasn't fixed. She called the /*BBB*/ and the corporate office of Circuit City but says that didn't get her anywhere.

But then her friend suggested /*ABC11*/. She adds, "You need to call the news lady. So we were like let's contact Diane Wilson and immediately you responded and I was like yes."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson contacted Circuit City and they contacted Dai. Dai says Circuit City didn't try to repair her laptop again, instead within days she got a brand new laptop." She adds, "I'm glad it's done it's a relief."

Out of respect for their customers, Circuit City does not discuss the details of the case, but they did resolve it with Dai.

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