Two students arrested in separate gun incidents


The first arrest was at /*Athens Drive High School*/ in Raleigh and the second was Friday at /*Garner Magnet High School*/.

Garner senior Tarel Hairston said, " I don't like it at all."

Hairston's response is to the news that a student brought a .38 caliber revolver to school Friday.

/*Donnell Underdue*/, 16, was charged with charged with felony possession of a handgun on school property.

He was released on $3,000 secured bond. Police are continuing their investigation into why Underdue had the gun at school.

It's the worst crime Hairston can remember in his four years at the school.

"There's been violence but not escalated up to that point where a student had to bring a gun," he said.

Underdue was called to the office Friday afternoon, according to school officials. They say after he left the room, the teacher found the handgun.

Police say the teacher found it thanks to a tip from another student.

"That makes me feel even better that students are being alert and paying attention to one another," parent Mary Ann Poythress said.

Poythress says it's still unnerving to hear that a gun was in the halls of her daughter's school. She says it's also distressing to hear that at Athens Drive, another gun was found Thursday.

Police arrested 18-year-old /*Richmond Fowler*/ in that incident.

School officials say he was causing trouble in the Media Center and when the school resource officer was helping escort him to the office, he ran.

He was caught caught hiding a .9 mm pistol.

The incident have Poythress concerned. "Concern for the safety of our children -- always. And concern for the students that would do things like bring guns to school. They're obviously troubled."

The thought of a gun at school dredges up bad memories for Hairston. "If anybody gets shot, like I lost a sister to a gun tragedy so, you know, I'm quite fretful about people shooting guns and gun possession and stuff," he said.

School officials say one other gun was found at Garner High School this school year, back in September.

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