More testimony in Paddock murder trial

SMITHFIELD It's how the prosecution says four-year-old Sean Paddock died two years ago.

Last week the jury heard testimony from Lynn Paddock's adoptive children about how she constantly abused them, hitting them with PVC piping and forcing them to do terrible things. That continued Monday as one of the children described in detail the abuse of Sean Paddock before he died.

The prosecution showed off a little trampoline in court Monday. Meant to be a toy, prosecutors say it was more like an instrument of torture. They say Paddock would force her children to bounce on the trampoline for hours and hours at a time.

Jessy Paddock took the stand Monday and explained how Lynn Paddock, 47, would beat her, the other children including Sean Paddock with a wooden spoon frequently. "It was just one smack, and then a few seconds, and then another smack, and this went on all afternoon," Jessy Paddock said. "I saw Sean the next day, and I've never seen bruising like that. I almost gagged, his whole bottom was this black and bluish color."

Jessy then pointed out pictures of the kinds of bruises she would see on her siblings. She also said Lynn Paddock would sometimes wrap the children at night to stop them from wandering around. "Essentially like a mummy," Jessy explained. "From here all the way down to her feet."

That kind of wrapping, the prosecution contends, is how Sean suffocated in February 2006. Lynn Paddock is charged with first degree murder and child abuse.

Jurors also heard the 911 call placed by Jessy Paddock the morning Sean was found lifeless in his bed. The call reveals the scene inside the Paddock house on the morning of February 26, 2006. Jessy tells the dispatcher that her mother, Lynn Paddock, is trying to perform CPR on Sean.

While the recording of the 911 call was played, Lynn Paddock turned away from the judge and jurors and appeared to weep.

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