Students beaten, stomped in school gym


Everybody agrees what happened Friday in a gym started out as horseplay.

There were more than 100 students in the gym at the time of the attacks.

"I mean, when I'm yelling and cursing and throwing punches and kicks trying to get you to back off of me, it's not a game anymore," victim Jon Davis said.

Davis described what happened to him in the gym at /*Gray's Creek High School*/. Cell phone video was taken by a student and posted on /*You Tube*/.

Although the video is shaky and blurry, it's clear that Davis is getting an unwanted beat down by a crowd of students.

"Before long, more and more of them came," Davis said. "I got to the point I could hold them all off anymore."

It is evident in the video the 10th grader was stretched from the bleachers. At one point, a 250 pound student pounced on his back.

"If you watch the video and see somebody come flying through the air and land in the middle of this kid's back, when he is stretched out with both knees -- it's just a miracle that he wasn't seriously injured," Jon's father, Clay Davis said. "If he would have lost his grip on those bleachers, he could have busted his head open on the floor."

Jon was one of several students attacked. The school's principal says what started out as horse play got out of hand.

"We have found out the student that videod it and put it on You Tube, and we're handling that," Grey's Creek Principal John Gibbs said. "And we're handling the kids appropriately. And I think that all of the kids are very sorry that their silliness has drawn attention to our school."

Tuesday was the official last day of school in Cumberland County, but that's not stopping the principal from taking action.

All of the attackers are members of the football team and they will face punishment that may carry over into the next school year.

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