Man dies in hospital after drowning


The 58-year-old man was found at the bottom of the pool at the /*Treetop Apartments*/ in Raleigh.

"I saw someone squirming, I didn't know what it was at first I didn't really know at all so I just got back up and started playing a little while later a little girl said there is a guy dying or drowning in the pool," said Rasheed King, a boy who lives at the complex.

"He was lying on the bottom of the floor like, spread out like that and I just went down there, I seen him, went down there and grabbed him out." Eyewitness, Anthony Martinez added.

Eyewitnesses started CPR and kept doing it until paramedics arrived and took him to /*Wake Med*/.

"I was feeling for his pulse, around his neck area, his foot area and he was not responsive." Eyewitness, Brianna Billups said.

"I just started doing CPR on the man, grabbed his pulse, just started doing CPR, mouth to mouth, I did it for about a good 10 minutes. I just tried the best I can until EMS arrived." Eyewitness, Tyrone Kirby said.

While they never felt a pulse, paramedics did, and kept doing compressions as they loaded him into an ambulance.

The victim, Franklin Roosevelt Jackson was transported to WakeMed, where he later died.

Martinez says Jackson was the third swimmer he's helped so far this season.

"If you're going to swim, swim cautiously, if you can't swim don't jump in the deep end stand where you can feel [where] the bottom of the floor [is]," he said.

Signs at the apartments warn there is no lifeguard on duty.

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