Relief for brides


With the sudden closure of the Charlotte bridal shop /*La Bella Sposa*/ , many brides must scramble to find something to wear when they walk down the aisle.

Cheryl King hopes to provide these brides a beacon of hope so they don't turn into a bunch of bridezillas.

Cheryl King Couture, King's custom-design veil and headpiece company located in Wendell, contracts with bridal shops, one of them being La Bella Sposa. This week, La Bella Sposa just closed up shop unexpectedly.

King tells /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/, "We're just frantically trying to help all the brides and it's really tough when you don't know who they are and how to contact them."

King has many of the bridal accessories including jewelry, veils, and headpieces La Bella Sposa ordered, but can't sort out who's who since she contracts with the store and not the brides themselves. She adds, "It's quote, unquote 'the icing on the cake'. It could make or break the look, so it's very important to the bride."

The big problem is even though some of the brides have paid in full La Bella Sposa, but King says La Bella Sposa has yet to pay her.

King is offering a percent discount and waiving the rush charges to help alleviate the situation. You can reach Cheryl King Couture at 919-365-4462 or go to her Website

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