Arrest made in murder investigation

WAYNE COUNTY Brandon Lee Williams, 23, of East Fremont was arrested on Friday and charged with murder.

Morales was shot and killed while her 3-year-old son was present in the residence. Morales' 7-year-old daughter found her body.

Williams was a person of interest that the Sheriff's office had been investigating since shortly after the incident occurred.

"We have been actively investigating this horrific tragedy since it occurred. I want to express my appreciation to the public for their support and assistance in this investigation. I especially want to thank the Detectives that worked diligently on this case and never quit," Sheriff Carey Winders said. "The public sometimes thinks that when an arrest is not swift, the law enforcement investigation stops. I want to stress that as long as there is even one small lead that needs to be pursued we will do our best to follow that lead."

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