Stumped for a Year


In June of 2007, the Conklin's hired Joel's Tree Service to remove two big stumps in their yard.

Millicent Conkiln tells /*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/, "He said we'll grind all that down, it'll be all smooth."

They paid Joel's tree service $200.00 to do the job. Millicent says one of Joel's workers did the job in June of last year and when they took a closer look at it, they noticed problems. Millicent says, "On one he ground down but didn't do the roots. On the other one, they didn't even grind down the stump well. We've just had these two holes full of weeds in our backyard for a whole year."

So, Millicent says she made several calls to Joel. She adds, "First I called him every week and then it got so I was tired of that so I called about every two weeks. Most of the time he didn't call back. If he did call back, it was 'somebody had stolen the equipment' or 'the guy had quit'."

Out of patience, Millicent made a call to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. Millicent says, "I couldn't get anything out of him so I just decided 'you know I guess I have to call the troubleshooter and get her on the job. And it worked!"

It worked so well, within days, the Conklin's had both stumps out and no more roots. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "Thrilled you got the job done so fast. I couldn't get anything done after a whole year."

A worker at Joel's Tree Service said they would take care of the Conklin's. She said the delays happened because they had someone else do the job and had trouble getting him to finish it.

Regardless, she assured me, the Conklin's would get their job finished which they did follow through with.

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