General George Casey talks education , health


General George Casey, Jr. is the chief of staff of the Army now.

Army Chief of Staff General Casey was at Ft. Bragg, saying goodbye to outgoing General McNeil.

McNeil says he's happy they're trying to grow the Army by 75,000 troops by 2010.

"A lot of Americans believe in our common values," General McNeil said. "We can do this."

General Casey sat down with a select group of journalists to talk about the future of American soldiers and robots.

"We have small unmanned robots in Iraq and Afghan," General Casey said. "If we see something strange, we don't need to send soldiers, we can send a robot."

As Army chief of staff, Casey says he's focused on better health, child care and educational opportunities for soldiers.

"We've doubled the money in these programs -- 1.4 billion last year, 1.7 next year," Casey said. "We're committed to putting our money where our mouth is because we're asking too much of these families."

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