Troubleshooter: Leaking hydrant

DURHAM The water from the faulty fire hydrant comes from R.N. Harris Elementary School in Durham. Ralph claims that he called the city of Durham more than year and a half ago to report the leak.

He tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "They assured me someone was going to go look at it."

With the hydrant still leaking, Ralph reported it once again to the City of Durham June 6th and 11th. Ralph's biggest concern about the fire hydrant is the citizens of Durham County having to foot the bill.

He adds, "I dare say how much water has leaked through this hydrant in the last year and a half."

The fire hydrant was not leaking a lot in the summer time, but Ralph says it was leaking "like a small stream" during the winter.

Fed up with empty promises, Ralph contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson. Wilson called the city of Durham who admitted that someone did report the leaking hydrant on June 6th and 11th. The city of Durham informed RN Harris that they would have to take care of it after crews investigated the leaking hydrant on June 11th and realized it was on private property.

Within hours of Diane's visit to the fire hydrant, it was fixed and no longer leaks.

A representative from Durham Public Schools says they were only made aware of the leak the day the Troubleshooter pointed it out to them and that they encourage their employees to report any leakage and malfunctions.

Private hydrants are the responsibility of the property owners in Durham; The city only repairs public hydrants that are found in the street right of way.

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