Durham woman survives second DWI accident

DURHAM, NC Sheriff's deputies say Arthur Michael Tilley was driving under the influence when he led Durham County Sheriff's deputies on a high speed chase while riding on his motorcycle. The chase ended when Tilley's bike hit the back of Sherry Dail's car.

Her husband, Greg Dail took pictures of the car crash that was yet another close call for his family. He lost his four-year-old daughter, Megan Dail, in a drunk driving accident ten years ago.

Greg tells Eyewitness News that his wife Sherry was driving to work Monday night when she was rear ended by a motorcycle going over 100 miles per hour. The driver, Arthur Michael Tilley, was leading a chase on Highway 15-501 with Durham County Sheriff's deputies when he crashed. Tilley, 46, is hospitalized in serious condition.

Sherry Dail is recovering. "I'm thankful Sherry's alive," Greg Dail said. "From the point of impact and seeing what's on the road, I'm thankful she's alive."

Greg Dail said his wife is concerned about the high speed chase that caused the accident. Tilley has DWI charges dating back to 1990. While it's unclear if alcohol was a factor in this crash, Greg Dail pleads with drivers to, "Think before you get on the road. There's a lot of different choices. If you have. If you're stopped - Stop don't run."

The investigation continues.

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