Mother to stand trial in toddler's death


The child's family says it is looking for the maximum sentence possible.

/*Joshua Tart*/ was 7 months old when he died. At the time, his mother said she dropped him after bathing him.

Now she is facing a manslaughter charge.

"It's hard because she has no remorse for what she did," Roger Tart, the child's biological father, said.

Tart and his family want to see Katherine Strickland behind bars for a long time.

An autopsy showed Joshua died from complications of /*drowning*/.

/*Strickland*/ and her new husband, Jeffrey Parker, were both arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Instead of a plea deal that could have given Strickland 16 to 20 months in jail, she will stand trial.

"This is better for me because I want the truth to come out," tart said. "There's many secrets in this case and many lies have been told. Nothing will bring my boy back, but I would like to see a little more than 16 to 20 months."

The trial is set for November 10 in Smithfield. Strickland and her husband could be tried at the same time.

Either way, the family says they'll be there.

"He was a sweet little man, 8 months old and 16 to 20 months is what I'm hearing, and that's not justice for a little baby dying," Tart said.

Strickland's family has argued she was abused by Tart, but the family says there in no excuse for losing a child.

"They're tried to drag my name through the mud and tried to point the blame elsewhere, but they've got to own up to it," Tart said.

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