Fast food prices on the rise


Convenience is the main reason consumers say they choose to eat fast food, but could the increase in the price of food at the drive-through make people pack a lunch?

Most people east fast food because it's fast and it's cheap, but when the 99 cent menu became the Super Value Menu and certain items Rose to $1.19 and $1.29 customers noticed.

"It's no longer value," customer Hilda Smith said. "They increasingly go up on the prices."

Eyewitness News talked to /*Wendy's*/ corporate office. It said the Frosty, chili and side salads are no longer 99 cents. However, the crispy chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets and junior bacon cheeseburger are still $1 depending on the franchise you visit.

"Of course I don't like it, and I don't do it that often anymore," consumer Ellen Ferguson said. "I take my lunch to work, and I just try to avoid it."

Follow the golden arches and you'll and you'll end up at /*McDonald's*/ Dollar Menu. When Eyewitness News called McDonald's corporate office to ask about increases on other menu item's not one returned the call.

Outside Cinelli's restaurant in Durham, a sign informs customers that the price of a pizza has increased by a dollar.

The increase is attributed to the cost of ingredients inside the pizza, which cost more. In order to maintain the pizza's taste, the restaurant has to use the same ingredients.

According to the restaurant, it's main ingredients, are shipped from overseas. Those items include tomatoes, flour, and oil. There's an additional $5 delivery fuel charge on the items.

The restaurant uses the extra dollar it's charging customers, to help cover the delivery charge.

And Cinelli's says the new price isn't hurting business. No matter where people go for food, it's going to cost.

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