Financial advisor offers economic tips

So you may be surprised that some financial experts say this could all be good news down the road.

With record gas prices, higher food costs and declining home prices, the current state of the economy is a drag, and it's affecting just about everyone. But if you're looking to make money in the long-term all these negatives can be good.

"Now's the time to buy," Financial Advisor Patty Carter said.

It may be hard to think this way, but financial advisors like Carter call this economic slump, a sale on the market.

"Now is not the time to sell, make sure that you've got a good diversified portfolio and add money if you have it available," Carter said.

That means invest in both stocks and bonds right now if you can.

If thinking about borrowing from your 401k to help with mounting costs, Carter says think again. If you fail to pay it back, you could end up losing four times what you took out in the long run.

Instead, she recommends cutting back on unnecessary daily addictions.

And Carter says that savings could instead be invested or even put towards stuff you can't control, like rising gas and food prices.

"I have well to do clients because they did the right thing when they were supposed to," she said.

Experts recommend checking everything from your cell phone plan to your cable service to see where you can save a few dollars.

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