Fire destroys Durham County home

DURHAM COUNTY Firefighters remained on the scene for several hours dousing hot spots. Nobody was injured from the fire.

Eyewitnesses report hearing a loud explosion, then seeing smoke and trees on fire around a home.

The house is on Swing Road in northern Durham County, near I-85 and Red Mill Road.

The house appears to be destroyed.

Fire officials say they don't know how it started, but they say a propane tank may have fueled the fire and the explosions neighbors heard.

It didn't take too long for a raging fire to spread through the home.

"I'm on the phone with 911 and the electrical lines, the power lines come off the side of the house and start sparking everywhere," eyewitness Sheri Jackson said.

"There was a power line with a transformer on it and it was just popping, popping, popping and the fire kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally the power line fell to the ground and it was a great big explosion and the house just engulfed in flames," eyewitness Jason Brinkley said.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire. No one was home at the time and for that, neighbors are grateful.

"I feel really bad or the lady that lady that lives here that she has to come home from work and see this and I live up the road and I would do anything to help," Jackson said.

The homeowner surveyed the damage --salvaging what she could-- grateful she wasn't home. She says she will stay with family until she can rebuild.

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