Buy a truck, get a car free!


However, the /*Nissan Corporation*/ has a plan to move its stock pile of pickup trucks off its lots and into your driveway, and it involves giving away free cars.

Stewart Nissan's deal is driven by $4 a gallon gas.

Dwight Sullivan is the general sales manager at the dealership. He says Nissan is swamped with low mileage pickup truck that people are refusing to buy, so Nissan is kicking in some big bucks to move the inventory.

"We've got some incentives that enable us to basically sell a lot of the truck inventory pretty cheap," Sullivan says. "So cheap, in fact, that we're able to sell you a new truck -- a new Titan pickup truck -- and give you absolutely free a new Versa."

The Versa can get 33 miles to the gallon.

"The Titan we're talking about is basically in the mid 30s," Sullivan explains. "The Versa we're talking about is in the mid teens. The combination of the two, you're talking about $60,000 or 45 to 50,000 worth of vehicle. You'll basically be able to pay for one and have the other one absolutely free."

The deal is open to everybody. You don't have to be in the military to get special treatment.

However, Sullivan says this is a great opportunity for a lot of the troops returning from the war.

"When you have these soldiers come back in town, and this guy wants to get himself a truck because that's a great thing to have, well he's afraid to get one because his wife really wants a car," Sullivan says. "Well, this way he's able to get the truck and get his wife a car and everybody's happy."

Stewart Nissan hasn't advertised the incentive yet and people are already asking about details.

Sullivan says Nissan wants to get rid of the gas guzzlers to make room for smaller vehicles that get better gas mileage.

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