Friends come to Brad Cooper's defense


/*Brad*/ has been seriously maligned, according his attorneys, since the day his wife was found murdered.

Now some of the most unlikely people are sticking up for hi. Affidavits filed Friday are from Scott Heider.

Heider's ex-wife was Nancy's former best friend and the woman with whom Brad had an affair.

In the affidavit, Heider says, "Four years ago there was an indescretion between /*Brad Cooper*/ and my wife. It was a one night encounter."

He also rebuts an affidavit filed by one of Nancy's friends Thursday, saying much of what was said was "Nancy's story, not the truth."

Another affidavit, filed by Michael Morwick, presented an intersting twist.

He filed the scathing affidavit on behalf of /*Nancy Cooper*/'s parents and her twin sister, who currently have temporary custody of the Coopers two children.

But in another affidavit filed by Morwick, he softened his tone saying, "I have never seen or heard Brad and Nancy argue. I have never seen or heard Brad yell at Bella and Katie. I personally witnessed Brad tossing his girls in the air, picking them up and lettint them climb on him. brad enjoyed playing with Bella and Katie."

Several other affidavits supporting Brad in his quest to regain custody of his two daughters were also filed Thursday afternoon.

Brad and Nancy's family are scheduled to appear in court Friday for the custody hearing to determine who will get the Cooper children.

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