Direct TV contract problems

RALEIGH After moving into his new home in Raleigh, Justin Miller signed up for one of DirecTV's HD packages. Representatives from DirecTV came to Justin's home for the installation but then told him they could not install because they couldn't get a signal with all of the trees in his backyard.

Justin tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "Due to the fact they could not physically install equipment, I would have no option other to go back to cable and that I would not be held responsible for my contract since they were not able to install the equipment."

Justin cancelled his DirecTV service, but the problems didn't end there.

He adds, "About a week later I checked my bank account and there was a gigantic dent in my bank account that I had no idea where it was coming from."

DirecTV took $450 out of Justin's account for breaking his two-year contract.

Justin tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "At first I didn't know I was under contract. I was mind boggled they're charging $450 dollars for a service they wouldn't install and a service I didn't have."

After two months of calling and writing letters to DirecTV, only to get nowhere, he contacted Troubleshooter Diane Wilson to see if she could help.

Two days after Troubleshooter Diane Wilson contacted DirecTV, they called Justin and said they were ready to give him a full refund.

He adds, "You were really helpful in the whole process. If you had not stepped in, I would still be out my 450 dollars."

The representative Troubleshooter Diane Wilson talked to did not tell her why they charged Justin the cancellation fee, only saying that they did reverse the charge and he would get a full refund.

For those interested in signing up for DirecTV, you sign up for a contract along with the service. Most people don't realize when it's installed, they sign off on the installation and in that paperwork it explains the contract terms.

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