Mother concerned over mall peeper

RALEIGH They say it happened inside Forever 21's XXI store at Crabtree Valley Mall Sunday afternoon.

The concerned mother tells Eyewitness News a man in his mid-20s at a Forever 21's XXI store acted like he was shopping for women's clothing, but instead she thinks he was actually using the reflective base of the clothing rack to peep up several females' skirts.

"He would get near young ladies looking at the clothing. Then at one point he lingered several minutes, two feet from the two young ladies standing there. He actually got really close to the plate kneeling down," Michelle Mattson said.

Mattson did not tell store managers immediately, but her daughter told security.

"I said, 'excuse me sir, but that man was in the Forever 21 store and it seemed like he was looking up the girls' skirts'," Jessica Mattson said.

Mall police escorted the man from the building, took his driver's license information and picture, and warned him not to come back on mall property or he will be charged with trespassing.

Michelle and her daughter Jessica say it's not enough --police should have looked at store surveillance tapes and arrested the peeper.

"Detained him at least and investigated it. I feel like they brushed it off. This is pretty serious," Michelle said. "I would just like to know he's not out there doing that or doing worse."

Michelle and her daughter say they will rethink their next trip to the mall.

"What parent is going to want their daughter going to a mall like that where they don't take that seriously? I don't feel safe going back there, especially by myself," Jessica said.

Mall officials say they will not go back and look at the surveillance tapes-- but they do have the man's photo on record and say security will be keeping a close eye out for him.

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