Manhunt over for man who terrorized homeowners


Authorities told Eyewitness News Saturday evening they are no longer seeking the suspect. No other information was provided.

Christopher Trivett, 32, was wanted for sexually assaulting a woman during one of the break-ins.

She spoke to /*Eyewitness News*/ but asked that her identity not be revealed. She's speaking out in hope someone knows where the suspect is.

"I mean he's messed my life up for right now," the victim said.

The woman said she's horrified beyond belief from a nightmare encounter with Trivett.

"Fear, I mean I was just scared for my life and my child's life," she said.

She said Trivett used his gun to break into her home around midnight Friday. He proceeded up her stairs, awakened her and demanded she get undressed.

"He got me out of bed at gunpoint and come downstairs and he wanted money and my car key," the victim said.

She managed to escape to her mother's room before the encounter turned physical.

"He was trying to push his way through the door and we kind of met him on the other side, pushed him in the hallway," she said.

Gun shots were fired while trying to get the gun away from him.

Trivett bruised the woman's mother before getting away. Authorities say he broke into two other homes in the same area earlier that night, stealing two cars, which he abandoned.

Trivett was also wanted for burglary, larceny, sex offense and attempted murder.

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