Soldier charged after shooting neighbor's dog

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Lauren Welter found her dog, Tater, dead in her driveway Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, Welter contacted Eyewitness News following the incident.

She said she was outraged after four police officers responded to the shooting and left without filing any charges.

That evening Welter says police came to her home around 9 p.m. "to come up with something after they were put on blast in the area."

She also said an insensitive officer apologized for his behavior and the comments that he made.

Police say Sergeant Sasha Lee who lives beside Welter, shot the dog with a 45 caliber handgun.

He told police he fired in self defense after the dog growled at him, but police say his story, did not add up.

"He didn't have the gun with him at the time, and he was able to walk back in the house, the dog did not harm him at that point. That's when it became an issue with us, him walking back in the house and coming back out and shooting the dog," Fayetteville Police Lt. David Sportsman said.

Because her dog was running free at the time, Welter was cited by police with violating the city's leash law.

Lee was later cited for animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in the city limits. Police also confiscated his handgun.

"Justice is served and I couldn't be happier," Welter said.

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