Couples marry Friday for the lucky 8s

RALEIGH, NC Courtney Wilson and her fiancée, Tim are getting married Friday night. "I've actually borrowed the wedding date from my mom and stepfather," Courtney said. They got married 20-years ago on 08-08-88.

Others are also choosing Friday's quirk of the calendar as a day to have their wedding cake – and eat it too. At Edible Art in Raleigh, they've seen an uptick in orders for weddings for Friday, August 8, 2008. Normally they don't have any wedding cakes on Fridays. "This is kind of a special day for a lot of people, and it's an easy anniversary to remember," baker Melinda Mangum explained.

At the Wake County Courthouse not everyone is jumping on board the 08-08-08 bandwagon. For instance no one got married in the morning session this Friday, but officials were expecting a bit busier crowd in the afternoon. Wake County Magistrate Brian Flatley explains, "The number 8 is a lucky number in the Chinese tradition, and the luckiest number of all is 888, so today's 8-8-08, so we're expecting a nice crowd of people who may have been born in China or are of Chinese descent coming to get married today."

Whether for cultural or family reason, many are deciding 08-08-08 has a nice ring.

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