NC State shooting reportedly ordered from jail


Many NC State students say the last thing they expect when they meet another student is to find out that student is a gang banger.

"It's just really sad to hear that students would get into that kind of thing when they have a future and they risk their future," student Brock Meyer said. "So, yeah, it's a shock."

"You don't think a college student would be in a gang," student Laquanda Steed said.

Steed is about to get her degree in industrial engineering. Growing up in High Point, she knew a few children who ended up in gangs but none of them followed her to NC State.

"We come here to get an education and get a degree, hopefully get a job afterwards," Steed said. "So it shocks me that someone from State is in a gang."

She is referring to Ryan Barnes.

Barnes is a NC State junior who is charged in the shooting of a fellow gang member at a gazebo on the grounds of Campus Apartments last week.

NC State Police said Barnes and the victim are part of the Rollin' 30s set -- a faction of the Crips gang.

According to a search warrant, gang member Alex Dorsey ordered a hit from jail.

Dorsey is in jail on charges of armed robbery, drug possession and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

The warrant also said another suspect and gang member, Leroy Barnes, told a friend, "there was a letter in a book bag at his mother 's house, detailing instruction on the shooting."

"For someone to order a hit from jail and for someone on the outside to actually do the hit, it's kind of like, wow, anybody can do anything nowadays," Steed said.

It does not appear that police found the letter ordering the hit.

Anything found in a search must be listed on an inventory sheet on the warrant when it is returned to the courthouse. The search warrant from this crime does not have an inventory.

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