Husband concerned about family in Georgia

FAYETTEVILLE A Fayetteville man's pregnant wife and child are in Georgia with her family.

Two weeks ago, David Paddock told his wife to go visit her family home in Georgia to have their baby. He says he planned on joining her in a few days. However, the ongoing conflict has proposed his departure.

Paddock says its images of war that frightens him.

"There have been some refugees in the town where we live from South Ossetia. They will probably be there for awhile cause Skhinvali has been flattened," he said.

Paddock's wife and family live in the town of Mtskheta; a major military highway runs by the town, which is near the capital of Tbilisi.

Paddock talks by phone with his family and says for now everyone is safe, but scared.

"It's really hard to articulate to her on the phone that she needs to remain calm," he said. "There is a lot of misinformation and rumors and the rumors breed fear and panic."

Paddock, calls Mtskheta and Fayetteville home --the former soldier and marine, now a civilian military contractor-- can't leave for Georgia until this weekend.

"It's really hard, I mean I've been deployed a lot you know, and I've never felt so uncomfortable waiting to go somewhere," he said.

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