Players prepare for first game without teammate


The game will not be the same for teammates of football standout /*Atlas Fraley*/ who are coping with his death.

Fraley called 911 for help last Tuesday, saying he hurt all over.

"I'm having full body cramps," Fraley told a 911 operator. "I think I need an IV."

An EMS crew was dispatched to Fraley's house but did not transport him to the hospital.

"I specifically asked them, if they came out, why did they leave him by himself?" David Fraley, Atlas Fraley's father, asked. "They said they couldn't answer that."

David found his only son dead at home. The incident led to a press conference and an investigation into whether or not EMS workers did the right thing.

Authorities say a full review of the facts is in progress.

But for the Fraley's teammates, hitting the field for tonight's away game won't be the same.

Fraley's father said one of his biggest regrets is he didn't get a chance to talk to his son before he died.

Fraley died of apparent dehydration after he played in a scrimmage game with his teammate. Now coaches are being extra cautious to make sure players get plenty of fluids.

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