Triangle responds to woman in politics

RALEIGH This week --88 years ago-- women got the right to vote and today a woman became a republican vice-presidential candidate.

Women are in the spotlight and its apparent here in North Carolina where we could soon have a woman govenor and there are two women battling it out in the senate.

Along with policies and experience, it seems gender has become its own platform to sway voters.

"There haven't been enough women with enough experience, the pipeline got filled 50 years ago and we're kind of just seeing the payoff right now," Meredith College Professor Clyde Frazier said.

With todays vice presidential nomination of Sarah Palin and the possibility North Carolina will soon elect its first woman governor in Bev Purdue, many young women feel doors are truly starting to open.

"It's a great step for our nation, we've come a long way and I think this is another step to keep going further," Meredith College senior Maggie Bizzell said.

"Even North Carolina, as conservative a state as it's been, can open up to women being leaders," senior Sandy Mattola said.

"I don't doubt in the elections to come, having a woman run as president is just like … 'oh-ok, no surprise there'," senior Emily Harper added.

The fact that women are getting these opportunities seems to be turning the promise of equal rights into more than just an abstract ideal.

"Now you know, it can indeed happen because it is indeed happening," Frazier said.

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