Parking lot troubles


Mark Brady went to /*Lowe's Home Improvement*/ to buy wood to build a privacy fence, but before he could even get the materials loaded in his truck, he says he ran into problems. He says after buying the materials a store employee directed him where to pick up the wood. Mark says, "Pull over there the guys will help. I pull up, the guys says come on back, come on back, the next thing I know I'm against a pile of shingles."

Mark says a manager got involved and wrote an incident report. Mark says within days he got a call from Lowe's insurance company who told him they'd look into it. He adds, "A couple days came around and it was we're not going to be able to help you. For them to do me like that and then not want to do anything about it, that's why I had to call you."

/*Troubleshooter Diane Wilson*/ got in touch with a rep with Lowe's home improvement store. She said they would look into it. Within a week, Mark had a check for one thousand dollars to cover the damage to his truck.

The Lowe's rep did not add any other comment, only stating it was her understanding that their insurance adjustors reviewed mark's claim and offered him a check to cover the repairs to his vehicle.

If you run into problems like this, make sure you don't leave the scene until you take pictures of any damage, document what happened with the store manager by filling out an incident report and also make sure you have a copy of all of this for your own records.

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